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— a Web-Based Support Tool to Find Secondary Metabolite Biosynthetic Gene Cluster —

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2ndFind is a web-based support tool to find secondary metabolite biosynthetic gene cluster in bacterial or eukaryotic genome sequence. The tool finds secondary metabolism proteins using Pfam domains only or often appeared in secondary metabolism proteins. Secondary metabolism related domains (Pfam 27.0) used in this tool are:

AATase ACP_syn_III_C AMP-binding ATP-grasp_3 Abhydrolase_2 Acyl_transf_1 Alk_phosphatase Aminotran_1_2 BTAD CP_ATPgrasp_2 Chal_sti_synt_C Chal_sti_synt_N CheR Condensation Cyclase_polyket DHQS DUF1295 DUF1702 DUF2172 DUF3463 Docking ERG4_ERG24 Ectoine_synth Eno-Rase_FAD_bd Eno-Rase_NADH_b Enoyl_reductase FabA FcoT Glyco_trans_4_4 HMG-CoA_red HMG_CoA_synt_C HMG_CoA_synt_N HapK Hexose_dehydrat HxxPF_rpt ICMT IucA_IucC KR Ketoacyl-synt_C LANC_like Lant_dehyd_C Lant_dehyd_N LuxC Lycopene_cycl MbtH MelC1 Methyltransf_13 Methyltransf_14 NAD_binding_9 NRPS NTF2 OCD_Mu_crystall PEMT PP-binding ParBc Peptidase_M42 Polyketide_cyc Polyketide_cyc2 Polysacc_synt_3 PqqD Prenyltrans Prenyltrans_1 Regulator_TrmB Ring_hydroxyl_A SAF SLA_LP_auto_ag SQS_PSY SchA_CurD Steroid_dh TauD Terpene_synth_C Thioesterase Thiolase_N Transglut_core3 Trp_DMAT TylF Tyrosinase UnbV_ASPIC YcaO dTDP_sugar_isom ketoacyl-synt p450 peroxidase polyprenyl_synt

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Acknowledgment: 2ndFind is supported by the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas (No. 22108010) from The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

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